ATTENTION! Time is ticking to nominate to compete in the NSW Cross Country Relays on SATURDAY 5 JUNE.

Entries must be in by TUESDAY NIGHT as the club needs to have all relay team entries submitted to ANSW by Wednesday morning.

Please use the Google Form below to express your interest to compete;

An image showing proposed teams as of today is shown below for anyone interested in competing and wanting to be in a team. Most teams require an additional 1 or 2 runners and we are looking for this to be achieved by Tuesday.

Please note the following Important Information regarding competing in relay teams:
1. Open runners (20 to 29 years old in 2021) are not allowed to compete in any other age group.
2. Runners who are 30 years and over are allowed to run in a younger age team with Open’s being the youngest allowed. (not the other way round)
3. Junior runners (U20 years old in 2021) are allowed to run in an older age team with Open’s being the oldest allowed. (not the other way round)
4. Females are allowed to compete in a men’s team as long as rules 1,2 and 3 are followed.

Age groups are: U12, U14, U16, U18, U20, Open, 30+, 40+, 50+, 60+, 70+, 80+.
Age groups between U12 and Open consider the age the athlete will be turning in the calendar year, i.e. 13 year old turning 14 in 2021 is in U16 age group.
Runners are also welcome to compete multiple teams as long as it meets the rules above.

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