Race Walking

Coaching for Race Walking

Venue: Sylvania Waters Athletics Track
Day: Every Sunday morning
Time: 8:15am
Contact: Kirsten, Nicolle or Heather Mitchell
Phone: 0409 044 494 or 0402 205 300

Race walking in the media has often been one of the most controversial track and field events but the unique challenging technique has also provided a sense of achievement for many walkers.

The sport of race walking evolved during the late 18th century from the popular sport of pedestrianism where wagers were placed by aristocrats on their carriage footmen. Pedestrianism was a popular sport for participants and spectators and Walkers organised the first English amateur walking championship in 1866. Competitors were required to keep their back toe on the ground until the heel of the front foot touched which is known as the “fair heel and toe” rule. This formed the basis for the rules of race walking today although the code is far more stringent in modern day athletics.

The modern Olympic race walking events include 20km for both men and women and 50km for men only although standard distances at local, state and national competitions range from 1500m to 50km depending on gender and age.
If you enjoy power walking or less impact aerobic exercise than running then race walking is a fun and interesting way to boost your fitness while meeting new friends. We can teach you the race walking techniques and the rules if you come to our Monday evening training.

Age is no barrier to participate and we have members of all ages up to some very experienced septuagenarians. Our race walking coordinator, Heather Mitchell is also an internationally accredited official with many years experience in the sport.
NSW Race Walking Club runs competitions during the winter on Saturdays at various venues around Sydney, which Sutherland members are encouraged to participate in.