Sutherland Half Marathon

The Annual Sutherland Half Marathon is back for 2023!

With the support of NSW National Parks and Wildlife, the half marathon this year will be held in a new location – Garawarra Farm!

This truly beautiful trail will take you along the upper ridge along Garawarra Trail. The coastline with Garie, Era beach and Palm Jungle will be directly below you.

Come join us for this historic run held in a new location!

In addition to the half marathon, we will also be offering 1km, 2km, 3km, 5km and 10km events to cater for all runners.

Event details:
Date: 29th July 2023
Location: Garawarra Farm, Royal National Park
Time: Races start from 11.45am
Cost: Free – $60


Half Marathon12pm$60

*please do not attempt any race if you have not trained for that event, especially the half marathon.
*please do not attempt any of these races if you have been unwell in the last 2 weeks.