Our 2024 Winter Season is coming up very soon!

Our 2024 Winter Season is coming up very soon!

The club will once again be conducting its weekly Cross Country series during the Winter Season with the first event commencing on 30th March!

The first three venues for this year will be:
– Solander Fields (start next to Shark Park) on Saturday 30th March
– Miranda Park on Saturday 6th April
– Bottle Forest on Saturday 13th April

Further details will be released soon with a full program and a handbook providing more detail on the season’s events in the coming weeks.

The season is expected to conclude on 17th August with Presentation Day on 31st August. Club events will take place each weekend except those on Athletics NSW weekends.

Athletics NSW has also announced their Winter Calendar for 2024 which can be viewed here: https://cdn.revolutionise.com.au/cups/nswathletics/files/k9bsrgdsxmwhs2rq.jpg

If you haven’t yet registered this season, please follow the guide in this post: https://www.facebook.com/SutherlandDistrictAthleticsClub/posts/pfbid0wxHbQb393tCw865x35A39ksZrEMdMJjZZydaF9p6iTeFR8xUrSmLHwqLzpy15c2Sl

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