Cross Country this weekend will be at Bottle Forest

Cross Country this weekend will be at Bottle Forest.

Location: End of Bottle Forest Road, Heathcote
Time: 1:50pm – 1km, 2:00pm – 2km, 2:15pm – 3km, 2:30pm – 4.6km/9.2km
Date: Saturday 15th April

Each race will be along trails in the Royal National Park and will start and finish from the start of the Bottle Forest trail.

This week also marks the start of Handicap and Club Championship pointscores for the season.
Handicap pointscore is conducted in 2, 3, 5 and 10km groups with competitors ranked according to their performance against their handicap before the race.
Club Championship pointscores are conducted in the 2km (U11 age group), 3km (U14 age group), 5km (U17 and U20 age groups), 10km (Open age group). Please note that you can only receive points for competing if you fall in the age group of your event which is considered the age that you are or will become in 2023.
Finally to be eligible for these pointscores, you must be a registered member of the club.

REMINDER: NSW Novice Championships are on next weekend (Saturday 22nd April) at Scarborough Park, Ramsgate. This will also serve as the club run for non-ANSW members. Non-ANSW members can compete in any event except for the NSW Novice Championship which is only open to ANSW registered members. Please note, start times differ to our events. Also registration for this event is required to compete, entries close on Wednesday 19th April at 12pm.

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